Humane Society of Harlingen is working hard to mitigate increased intake occurring as a result of the COVID's impact on communities, pets, and owners. Critical information includes:

  • Unfortunately, due to the increase in COVID cases in the area, Monthly Clinics have been cancelled until further notice.

  • COVID has severely impacted our fundraising, and donations account for about 50% of our entire operating budget. Please make donation, if you can. Thank you!

  • WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS - 11-5, Mon-Fri and 11-6 Sat-Sun. 1 family at a time.

  • Adoption fees are $0 for all dogs and cats until further notice. Standard adoption process applies.

  • WE NEED FOSTER HOMES - HSH needs to move animals out of the shelter and into foster homes. Learn more and apply to foster here.

  • HSH is now providing CURBSIDE ADOPTIONS - How it works: view pets online; choose a pet, note the ID#; make an adoption appointment, (956-425-7297,; drive to your appointment, remain in your vehicle; call to let us know you’ve arrived; HSH staff will come to your vehicle (you need: animal ID#, your personal ID); relax in your vehicle and we will take care of the rest!

  • Please do not surrender healthy pets unless absolutely necessary. Holding a pet at home helps to keep shelter population down and reduce the possibility of euthanizing for space.

  • Please do not bring in litters of kittens found outdoors. If the mother is not there leave the kittens where they are, as she’s most often hunting or getting water and will return shortly. Check back to see if the mother returns.

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