Why Foster?
Foster care provides temporary homes for animals who need a break from shelter life. Moving these animals into foster homes not only makes their lives better, but also saves the lives of those who take their place. Fostering a shelter animal is a rewarding experience, but requires hard work and dedication.

What It Takes

The ideal foster care provider has basic knowledge of animal care, as well as a desire to find their foster animal a new home. HSH fosters provide their animals with care including food, water, shelter, and trips to HSH for medical checks when necessary. Bonus: Foster parents have first dibs to adopt their foster animals!

Not ready to be a full-time foster? VIRTUAL FOSTERING might be for you!

What You Get
HSH will provide basic vet care, behavior and training resources, and adoption counseling. Food, treats, toys, and litter are often available to foster parents at no cost. Foster parents are also encouraged to bring their animals to adoption events hosted by the shelter.

How Long?
Length of foster care can vary. Some animals may only need a couple weeks of care, while others might need months. The length of time can depend on the animal’s age, medical issues, and adoptability. Foster animals stay in their foster homes until they are adopted out, so marketing your foster animal is an important factor in length of stay!

Where to Start
Complete the online application if you’d like to be considered as an HSH foster parent. You can also visit the shelter and complete an application there. After contacting us or completing an application, one of our foster coordinators will be in touch.

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