If you have found a pet that is wearing identification, please reach out to the owners using the contact information on the tag or collar.

If you have found a pet without identification, here are our recommendations:

  • Bring the Animal to HSH, any veterinary clinic, or PetSmart to be scanned for a microchip. If the pet has a microchip, contacting the microchip company will allow the owner to be contacted and hopefully reunite the pet!

  • If the animal is not chipped, submit a found report with HSH and hold on to the animal as long as you can. Often times, lost pets can be reunited with their owners quickly without ever having to come into the shelter. 

If none of these steps help you locate a pet’s owners, please consider adopting or rehoming the pet yourself! A found animal is eligible for adoption after being reported to HSH and held for the requisite stray period (3 days). If you cannot keep the pet yourself, consider reaching out to friends or family or posting on social media and some local rehoming pages. Some of our favorites are Harlingen Lost & Found Pets, Harlingen/San Benito Lost & Found-Pets, RGV Pets, and RGV Reunite Lost Pets. If you've exhausted these options and need to surrender the pet you found, visit our Surrender A Pet page to apply for a surrender appointment. 

Humane Society of Harlingen, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization, operates a facility in Harlingen, TX, providing intake, adoption, foster, rescue, transport, wellness, and educational programs for pets and their people in Harlingen, TX and Cameron County, TX.

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